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  • The Hand of Merlin Available Now on PC & Console

    Posted by on June 14, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Playstation 5, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
    Independent developer Room C Games in co-production with Croteam and in partnership with indie publisher Versus Evil are excited to announce that their rogue-lite RPG game The Hand of Merlin has left Steam Early Access today on PC, and is available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The console versions launch with all eight major updates from the... more.
  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes Update Now

    Posted by on June 14, 2022 under Euro, News, PC
    oday the independent developer Fatshark is happy to release the Be’lakor update to the popular Chaos Wastes expansion to the hit game Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Chaos Wastes was a major success when released, and now Fatshark is proud to add even more content to the free expansion. Be’lakor is available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 today as a free update for everyone that owns Warhammer... more.
  • Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief Gameplay Trailer & Release Date Announcement

    Posted by on June 14, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Switch
    On the streets of Mikado, only the tough survive. For one man, a heist gone wrong would change his life forever. Set during the Edo period of Japan, Kamiwaza stars amateur thief Ebizo, who aspires to steal from the rich and give to the poor. During his first stint, however, he and his mentor, Ainosuke, witness their own men take the lives of innocent civilians. Disillusioned by the horrific dis... more.
  • All Thunderful announcements at Summer Showcase

    Posted by on June 14, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Playstation 5, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
    Thunderful and Headup had four games on show across the various digital showcases that took part this weekend. With all the news and trailers, we wanted to give a quick reminder of what Thunderful had to show. Planet of Lana A brand new gameplay trailer for the cinematic puzzle adventure debuted at the Future Game Show on June 11th, offering the most in-depth look at the highly anticipated... more.
  • Bilbao International Games Conference will be focused as an Industry & Professional Event

    Posted by on June 14, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Playstation 5, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
    The Fun & Serious Game Festival just announced its rebranding as the Bilbao International Games Conference, a 100% physical event that will be held in Bilbao from November 18th-19th, 2022. Eleven years after its debut, the event will now be focused and addressed to industry professionals. The BIG Conf will focus on a trend that started a few years back. While the main focus will be on video... more.
  • Ember Knights – Now Available in Early Access on Steam

    Posted by on June 10, 2022 under Euro, News, PC
    Ember Knights, Asmodee Digital’s and Doom Turtle’s new action rogue-lite adventure, is now available as Early Access on Steam (PC) for 14.99€/$14.99/£11.39. Players take on the roles of the Ember Knights, the last hope for a universe in disarray who must master fast-paced combat to defeat the mad sorcerer Praxis and his hordes. Throughout the Early Access period, Doom Turtle will support... more.
  • Autobahn Police Simulator 3 Hits the Road Soon — Prepare to Patrol the Fastest Highway in the World

    Posted by on June 8, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Playstation 5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
    Open road. Unrestricted speeds. A lot can go wrong. That’s where you come in.   Autobahn Police Simulator 3 arrives on the scene on June 23, 2022, and a rookie like yourself is going to need training before taking on Germany’s famous fastest highway system. Just because there’s no speed limit, doesn’t mean there aren’t other traffic violations and crimes! Here are some tips to pre... more.
  • Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX Blazing Its Way Onto Console On June 22nd

    Posted by on June 7, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Switch, Xbox One
    Thunderful & Dejima are excited to unveil a new deluxe version of roguelite indie firefighter Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue. Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX is making its way onto PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch on June 22nd, with the PC version of the game to be updated to the DX version on the same day. Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue... more.
  • Kombinera (Feature Review) Atari VCS

    Posted by on May 31, 2022 under Atari VCS, Euro, Featured Review 3, News, Reviews
    It has been years since Atari released a brand-new IP (the Recharged series not withstanding). Kombinera for the Atari VCS is a new puzzle game that sees the player through 300 levels of obstacles and traps, in an effort to combine balls together. There is no story or villains; Kombinera is purely a video game in every sense of the word. When you start the game for the first time, you are sent rig... more.
  • Sphere: Flying City’s Latest Update (PC)

    Posted by on May 31, 2022 under Euro, News, PC
    Prepare for a full-on atmospheric adventure! Today, esteemed indie publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Hexagon Sphere Games are elated to announce a brand new Early Access update for sci-fi simulation Sphere - Flying Cities. Titled “Story Phase II," this update adds fresh, narrative-driven content, expanding the story of the post-apocalyptic skyscape's denizens and delving deeper... more.
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