The Rumble Fish 2 Comes Out Fighting: Arrives at Retail on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch

The Rumble Fish 2 Comes Out Fighting: Arrives at Retail on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch

Clear River Games, a video game publisher specialising in classic and retro games and part of Embracer Freemode, today announced that cult-classic fighting game The Rumble Fish 2 is arriving on physical media starting from today; physical versions of the game are available at retail across North America and Europe right now!

Already available via digital download, gamers now have the option of owning a physical version of the game on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo  Switch. The PlayStation versions are available today, with the Nintendo Switch version arriving on March 28.

To celebrate the long anticipated physical release of The Rumble Fish 2, an exciting, free new update will also be available to download starting today. Whether gamers own physical or digital versions, they’ll get to enjoy the new range of features listed below.

New features included in the new update include:

  • Rematch Feature – Online and offline.
  • Spectator Mode – For those waiting in the lobby.
  • Opponent Attack Setting – Choose how you want the CPU to attack you in Training Mode.
  • Adjustable Timing – Tweak how quickly you recover from damage when in Training Mode.
  • Adjustable Play Duration – Select time periods of “99” for matches.
  • Match Reject – Reject a quick match when playing online.
  • Connection Status – Show or hide online connection quality in-game.
  • Auto Save – Automatically save settings in Training Mode upon exiting the option screen.
  • Combat Range – Fight against your opponent with the same distance between you both as found in the original arcade version of the game, ideal for playing on a widescreen display.

Furthermore, fighting game fans can look forward to yet another free update to The Rumble Fish 2 expected to arrive in April 2023 on all formats.

Developed by Dimps and published on physical media by Clear River Games, The Rumble Fish 2 is a faithful port of the original game developed for the Atomiswave™ arcade platform in 2005. With all the hard-hitting 2D fighting action that arcade goers fell in love with over 15 years ago, The Rumble Fish 2 features an eclectic cast of characters whose visuals are powered by the game’s unique ‘Smooth Model Animation’ system, allowing for exceptionally gorgeous 2D sprite animation on a per-limb basis.

Ali Manzuri, Director of Publishing at Clear River Games said, “The Rumble Fish 2 continues to thrill fighting game fans around the world, thanks to its incredible mix of fighting game mechanics, jaw-dropping animation and balanced gameplay which appeals to novices and experts alike. We’re excited to offer gamers the opportunity to purchase this much-loved classic through the release of the game on physical media, an option we know appeals to many gamers who enjoy building a collection.”

Fighting game fans who can’t get enough of the exceptional experience offered by The Rumble Fish 2 can look forward to the Collector’s Edition of the game coming in 2023 and due for release by Limited Run Games.

The Rumble Fish 2 is available today from Amazon and all leading video game retailers.

Rumble Fish 2 Physical Launch Trailer:

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