Vengeful Heart (Review) Nintendo Switch

Vengeful Heart (Review) Nintendo Switch
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It’s not often that I get to play a different kind of game (let alone getting to play period, buuuut that’s a whole different epic boss fight of a story for another time…), but when I was asked if I wanted to play a novel, y’all can only imagine my curiosity. In all of my years of saving worlds, rescuing princesses, and winning championships, I had never come across – much less heard of – a visual novel before.

Until now.

I was introduced to this tale of love, redemption, and vengeance by Salmon Snake and Top Hat Studios, and was brought to a world where there’s a permanent water shortage going on, thus making water itself a very hot commodity and having control of it is power in its truest form.

In Vengeful Heart, I followed the story of Josephine Lace, who is this young hydraulic engineer that is very much so eager to climb the corporate ladder of Nepthys and claim her spot at the top. That is, until the day comes when such the promising future is taken from her, thus having left her half-dead, jobless, homeless….and heartless. Josephine then becomes hellbent on taking down the corporation that ruined her, and meets a diverse group of people along the way, who are not only sympathetic to her cause, but also have secrets of their own.

The setting in VH is long after humanity has polluted the planet, groundwater has become undrinkable and seeing plant life is a luxury. Most folks are living in megacities that rely on the poor working class, to maintain a modern way of living for those who at the top. It’s a world where the land is scorched, water is literally liquid gold, and ordinary people who are forced to cope with a water shortage while hoping that they too can someday swim in the refreshing pools of the Gardens, if they work hard enough.

I personally loved Josephine and her diverse friends (including a hardened war vet and a kind doctor…), and found myself quickly becoming attached to all of them. The side characters are well-placed, allowing you to come to your own conclusions about their choices and actions. But with that being said, there is only one choice you make during the entire game – it’s a major one. How major? Like to the point where it’s a difficult decision, and will completely alter your ending…thus giving you two different endings that are worth replaying VH to see how they both pan out.

The dialogue is very well written, and covers the spectrum of being humorous, deathly serious, and heartbreaking. While you won’t find fancy or flashy graphics here, the backgrounds are nice to look at. Additionally, the character models are mostly static besides the occasional facial movement or crossing of the arms.

Overall, VH is a gripping visual novel that isn’t afraid to drive its message home. The story is excellently done, the visuals still pop, and the cast of characters are all very relatable!

Vengeful Heart:

Shawnaya Boley
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Top Hat Studios, Inc.
Developer: Salmon Studios
ESRB: Mature 17+
Price: $9.99

Review Score
Nothing fancy, but the visuals are still pleasing to the eyes.
The background music is decent and optional.
My only gripe is that I wish there were more choices to make!
Don't let this score fool you. The story is enjoyable and very intense from start to finish!.
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