Windjammers 2 (Review) Nintendo Switch – A Look Back

Windjammers 2 (Review) Nintendo Switch – A Look Back
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Released by Data East on the Neo-Geo MVS in 1994, the original Windjammers is a Frisbee-style sports game, where the player takes on a CPU opponent (or 2nd player) in various beach-like courts with a net that divides the playfield. Despite the game having a small following, it eventually became a ‘cult’ classic among Neo-Geo gamers.

Enter developer Dotemu and their sequel, Windjammers 2, to continue the franchise. This release expands on the original by including a cast of 10 selectable characters, all with varying speed abilities that affect how the Frisbee is thrown. The game uses a world map that contains a plethora of arenas. As the player advances through the game, their opponents become gradually more skilled at the game (even when the game is on the ‘Easy’ setting)

Dotemu has kept the Neo-Geo heritage of the first game intact, by including special attacks the player can use to whip the frisbee across the playfield in style. The CPU’s AI opposes a challenge to the player, as it seems to ‘learn’ from its mistakes throughout the game. So sticking to a certain strategy of throws will only work for so long, before the CPU’s AI catches on. 

The game includes three modes of play respectively – Arcade, Online and Versus. Arcade is the single-play version of the game, where the player takes on the CPU. Online mode – as the name implies – is where the player logs online to find random gamers to play against. Even at launch, it was difficult to find online competitors. The case is still the same today unfortunately. Versus mode is the game’s co-op couch mode, where two players can challenge each other in a variety of arenas.

The controls are fast and responsive; they rely on a 4-button configuration like the Neo-Geo original. The player can catch the frisbee easily by standing beneath it as it falls, and the B button is used to throw the frisbee. The A button allows the player to Lob and Drop Shot, while the Y Button performs a ‘Slap’. It is also possible to ‘jump’ by pressing the X button. In addition, the Right Shoulder button allows for a ‘Power Move’ via a Power meter that increases during the match. The Left Analogue stick and D-Pad are used for movement; and both are precise and easy to come to grips with. There’s also an option inside the ‘Settings’ menu to reconfigure the controls, if needed.

Graphically speaking, WindJammers 2 looks beautiful for a top-down sports game. The cartoonish sprites, character portraits, and arenas maintain a distinctive look throughout. The crowd sprites are animated and they cheer when either the player or their opponent scores. It all comes together as a cohesive arcade sports experience, that does a fantastic job of honoring the Neo-Geo original.

As a sequel, Windjammers 2 does an excellent job of replicating the intense arcade gameplay as seen in the original. Like so many Switch games before it, Windjammers 2 is another great release on Nintendo’s hybrid console/handheld. It comes highly recommended.

Mike Pittaro
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Dotemu
Publisher: Dotemu
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Price: $14.99

Official Website:

Review Score
Vastly improved 2D graphics.
A rockin' sound track that keeps the player's adrenaline pumpin'.
Difficult CPU opponents keep the game challenging.
Fun to play, but difficult to master.
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