Join Us on Apple News

Join Us on Apple News

Do you use an Apple iPhone or iPad on a daily basis?

You can now read PixelPerfectGaming on Apple News, Apple’s new platform that merges websites of various  topics into one, streamlined platform.

Apple devices running iOS 9 (or higher) can use Apple’s News application.


You can find us on Apple’s News app by doing the following:

Open the News App on your iPhone/iPad device

Tap on the ‘Search’ icon

Type PixelPerfectGaming into the search field

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Or open the following link on any iOS device:

We are excited to provide our content to millions of Apple users. Please join us as we continue to provide our unbiased reviews and industry content to you, our valued readers. Keep your eyes on us as we continue to work to provide you with the best in Video Game Giveaways, which are scheduled to be announced later this year.

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