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  • Fortix 2 – Now Available on Steam

    Posted by on May 11, 2011 under News, PC
    Today, the Hungarian development team “Nemesys Games” announces the official video trailer to the critically acclaimed indie hit “Fortix 2”. The game is now available on PC via digital distribution (Steam). Price point is 9.99 USD. Gameplay Footage: Screen shots: ... more.
  • Hydrophobia Prophecy – New Trailer

    Posted by on April 28, 2011 under Euro, News, PC, PS3
    Check out the debut trailer of Hydrophobia Prophecy. Trailer: ... more.
  • Hydrophobia Prophecy – Coming to PSN and Steam

    Posted by on April 26, 2011 under News, PC, PS3
    Dark Energy Digital is pleased to announce Hydrophobia Prophecy for Steam and PlayStation Network. This comprehensive reinvention of the title includes upgraded graphics, brand new gameplay mechanics, exclusive new levels, a reworked back story, a dramatic new ending, recast voice acting and much, much more. The long list of new features and enhancements is also augmented by changes Dark En... more.
  • Steam Experience Coming to Playstation 3; Cross-Platform Gaming, etc.

    Posted by on April 13, 2011 under News, PS3
    Playstation 3 gamers are about to experience Steam for the first time on their favorite platform. According to Valve, the Steam experience will begin when Portal 2 launches for the platform next week. The new Steam experience will overlay both PSN and Steam friends, display in-game or online status and provide a pathway for text chats, player profiles, friend requests, and even game invites. ... more.
  • Portal 2 – Boots Trailer

    Posted by on April 12, 2011 under PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    Valve, in partnership with Aperture Science dba Aperture Laboratories, announced today the release of "Boots", the fourth and final installment of the "Product" series of Aperture investment videos. Aperture's documentary video game, Portal 2, will be available 7AM PST this coming Tuesday, April 19th, though savvy consumers still have a week to invest in game futures by pre-ordering Porta... more.
  • Battle: Los Angeles – Now on Xbox Live

    Posted by on March 12, 2011 under News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. and Saber Interactive today released Battle: Los Angeles for download on Xbox LIVE Arcade in conjunction with the release of the Columbia Pictures feature film. The game will also be available on Windows PC download via Steam, Direct2Drive, and OnLive, and will be released later this month on PlayStation Network on March 22nd. Players will have the opportunity... more.
  • Breach – Available Today

    Posted by on January 26, 2011 under Euro, News, PC, Xbox 360
    Atomic Games, a developer of simulations for US military and intelligence agencies and a pioneer in military action games, announced today its seminal game, Breach, is available today for Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 and Windows PC . Breach costs 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 or is available for £14.99, or less, on Windows PC through major retailers nationw... more.
  • Alien Breed 2: Assault Hits Xbox Live and Steam today – Screenshots & Trailer

    Posted by on September 22, 2010 under News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    Alien Breed 2: Assault, Team 17’s latest killer title has been hotly anticipated since its predecessors, Alien Breed™: Evolution and Alien Breed™: Impact, were launched across Xbox™ LIVE Arcade, PlayStation®Network for PlayStation®3, and for PC via Steam. Thankfully, the wait is now over; gamers across the world will now have a chance to play the next chapter in this high-budget, ... more.
  • Worms Reloaded (Review) PC

    Posted by on August 25, 2010 under PC, Reviews
    Many gamers may not realize this, but Worms by Team 17 first appeared on the Commodore Amiga computer well over a decade ago. Surprisingly, the game mechanics have changed little since the Amiga version and for good reason; it was perfection from the start. Worms Reloaded, like its predecessors, is a turn-based game that places your team of four worms on small islands against an opposing team. ... more.
  • Worms Reloaded Customisation (New Video)

    Posted by on August 16, 2010 under Euro, PC
    They're back and they're in 2D. Team 17's adorable Worms are almost here and you can pre-order the new game, entitled Worms Reloaded, on Steam and save 10% off the retail price.  Just recently, Team17 released a new trailer showcasing the new level customization feature. We're really looking forward to seeing the final product. i Worms Reloaded ... more.