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  • Insectoid Holiday Offer – $7.99

    Posted by on December 26, 2009 under Mac, News, PC
    Insectoid by Actionsoft is on sale for the Holidays. Whether you own a PC or Mac computer, you can purchase a copy of this fantastic shooter for just $7.99. Pixel Perfect Gaming recently reviewed both versions of the game, and you can read the reviews here: Insectoid- Mac Review Insectoid- PC Review Don't miss this opportunity to own one of the best shooters of 2009. Visit Actionsoft’s... more.
  • Insectoid by Actionsoft (Review)

    Posted by on December 15, 2009 under Mac
    Insectoid by Actionsoft isn’t your average shooter. It offers game play similar to Galaga, a timeless classic with many fans the world over. The similarity between the two titles is not as evident as you may think. Insectoid begins with a galaxy in distress. The Qu’roth, an insect race that was at peace with humanity for over five hundred years, has begun a full-scale attack on various huma... more.
  • Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Announced by Paradox Interactive

    Posted by on December 8, 2009 under News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    Paradox Interactive, publishers of many PC titles such as the Elven Legacy series and For the Glory are expanding onto consoles with  Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West coming in 2010.  Lead and Gold is a team based 3rd person shooter that drops players into the Wild West to relive the excitement, danger and mystery of the wild frontier with other players. Fatshark, the developer of Lead a... more.
  • Konami iPhone titles discounted to $0.99 for a Limited Time

    Posted by on November 19, 2009 under Uncategorized
    Konami, showing some love to the iPhone platform, has gone one step farther and discounted their titles on the Apple App Store to just 99 cents.  That is a significant savings on some great games that some may have skipped before (I mean, come on, the major franchises are represented here with Metal Gear and Silent Hill both on Apple's "non gaming device"). Field Prowlers POLICE RUSH! - In thi... more.
  • Take On the Sea, Jungle and Prove Your Hairstyling Skills with Shockwave

    Posted by on November 5, 2009 under PC, a leading casual gaming site is now enabling gamers to take on sea creatures at great depths, conquer a jungle and even show off their hairstyling skills with this week's series of games. Deep tasks the player with fighting off other creatures in the ocean depths.  This is a slightly confusing title but still is challenging, worth at least a try, it is free (which you may fi... more.