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  • McPixel 3 Explodes onto PC, Nintendo Switch & Xbox Series X|S in November

    Posted by on October 26, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
    McPixel 3; the long-awaited return of the 8-Bit genre’s greatest hero and sequel to the mysteriously canceled McPixel 2, is dropping in hot on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S and other systems dating back as far as 1995 on Nov. 14, 2022AD.  The game many Devolver employees are already calling the best in the trilogy, McPixel 3 sees the speculative hero get mixed up in a brand new se... more.
  • Tad: The Lost Explorer and the Emerald Tablet gets a release date on PlayStation and Steam and New Trailer

    Posted by on October 19, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Playstation 5, PS4
    Gammera Nest and PlayStation Talents announce today that the official video game adaptation of Tad: The Lost Explorer and the Emerald Tablet will be released on PlayStation consoles, digitally and phisically, and Steam on November 16. Players can already add the game to their respective wishlists on both platforms. Additionally, a new version for Nintendo Switch has been confirmed — more inform... more.
  • The Last Hero Of Nostalgaia Brings Reference-Packed Comedy Souls-Like Action To Xbox & PC Today

    Posted by on October 19, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
    Coatsink and Over The Moon are pleased to announce that their satirical Souls-like, The Last Hero of Nostalgaia, is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 & PC today for $24.99 / €24.99 / £19.99.  The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is set in a world that celebrates videogame nostalgia, blending  the complex systems and dark aesthetics of its Souls-like inspirations with a ... more.
  • Clive ‘N’ Wrench – Coming in February 2023

    Posted by on October 19, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Playstation 5, PS4
    Numskull Games has today announced that the long-awaited 3D platformer, Clive ‘N’ Wrench, will release in February 2023! The publisher has also extended Clive ‘N’ Wrench’s launch day platforms, with simultaneous digital and physical releases. Players on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will now be able to join the action from day one, along with those on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).... more.
  • The Chant’s Gameplay In A Brand-New Gameplay Trailer

    Posted by on October 13, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X
    Join Creative Director Mike Skupa as he deep-dives into what makes The Chant a cosmic horror action-adventure game you don't want to miss when it launches this fall. The Chant will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Nov. 3, 2022. What is The Chant? We've met the enigmatic and colorful cast of characters, explored the nooks and crannies of Glory Island, and looked back at ... more.
  • Gravitar Recharged (Review) Atari VCS

    Posted by on October 6, 2022 under Atari VCS, Reviews
    Graviitar Recharged (i.e. Lunar Battle) is another release in Atari’s long-running Recharged series, where the games receive a modern facelift, involving graphical and sound upgrades, along with re-tweaked gameplay. As the commander of the game’s starship, the player must explore a fictional galaxy snd liberate the available worlds from a hostile, alien race, that has taken residence on the ro... more.
  • Console Pre-Orders Open for Unusual Findings, out on October 12th

    Posted by on October 5, 2022 under Euro, News, PC
    It’s time to grab your BMX again! Publisher ESDigital Games and indie developer Epic Llama Games just announced that the pixel art based classic point & click adventure Unusual Findings can now be wishlisted on PlayStation as well as pre-ordered on Xbox, the latter starting today at 19:00 CEST. Unusual Findings also has an updated demo with the new beautifully crafted pixel art graph... more.
  • Amberial Dreams Available in Early Access on October 18th

    Posted by on October 5, 2022 under Euro, News, PC
    Twin Sails Interactive and Lumorama have announced today that Amberial Dreams will be available in Early Access on October 18th, 2022, on PC Steam. As the 5th instalment in the famous flash games series, Amberial Dreams scales everything up whilst keeping true to its success formula, loved by more than 2 million players. Amberial Dreams tells the story of Amber as she wakes up from her long slu... more.
  • Rivalia is now available on PlayStation and Steam

    Posted by on October 5, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, PS4
    Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España), Gammera Nest and FSix Games announce that its action-RPG and roguelike Rivalia is now available on PlayStation consoles as well as on Steam for $14.99 / €14,99. You can check Rivalia's latest gameplay trailer below. Rivalia is a blend of an action-RPG and roguelike with a cartoonish art style. The game takes place in the castle o... more.
  • Atari Mania – Coming Soon

    Posted by on September 21, 2022 under Atari VCS, Euro, News
    It’s time to claim your museum pass! Today, Atari reveals the release date for microgame mashup Atari Mania. Launching October 13, 2022 on Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and Atari VCS, Atari Mania is a past-meets-present romp through Atari’s gaming history, with a few updated twists. As the Caretaker of the Atari Vault, it’s up to the player to mend and defend corrupted Atari titles, rest... more.