Gravitar Recharged (Review) Atari VCS

Gravitar Recharged (Review) Atari VCS

Graviitar Recharged (i.e. Lunar Battle) is another release in Atari’s long-running Recharged series, where the games receive a modern facelift, involving graphical and sound upgrades, along with re-tweaked gameplay. As the commander of the game’s starship, the player must explore a fictional galaxy snd liberate the available worlds from a hostile, alien race, that has taken residence on the rocks that orbit the game’s solar system.

Entering one of these planets starts the game, where the player has to hover and also use his ship’s thrusters (think classic Asteroids here) to move around, while firing at enemy spaceships and gun turrets. Gravity is also an enemy, as the player’s ship is always in motion, even when it’s technically sitting still. It takes a couple of tries to come to grips with the controls, which at times feel like a tank. Most issues arise when overusing the thrusters, causing the player’s ship to crash into the ground. In some cases, the game makes the player chase after enemies, who expertly navigate between the massive rocks that comprise a stage.

Each level/stage has a set of conditions that must be completed before the planet becomes liberated. For example: killing a certain number of enemies; activating beacons; and destroying reactors, among others. Despite being a Recharged title, Gravitar’s gameplay feels very ‘classic’ in its execution. 

The new graphics – which have been an on-going style in the Recharged series – fits the action well, representing the arcade game’s atmosphere. The calming music helps calm the nerves, especially when the game has you navigating through tight spots.

Gravitar Recharged is another successful remake of an Atari classic. It plays as good as it looks, and the gameplay captures that, ‘One more try’ vibe most classic games have. Atari VCS owners shouldn’t overlook this title; it’s well-worth the price of admission.

Mike Pittaro
Platform: Atari VCS
Developer: Adamvision Studios, Sneakybox Studios
Publisher: Atari
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Price: $9.99

Review Score
Eye-catching 2D graphics.
Great sound effects.
Challenging, fun and addictive.
Atari VCS owners will enjoy playing this game.
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