Red Trigger, available now!

Red Trigger, available now!

Think outside the box with the new and improved Red Trigger. This first-person puzzle adventure game is now available on Steam for $6.99. A Kickstarter campaign is also underway to raise funds for the game’s sequel, which is already in development. Bold Spirit Games is excited to welcome fans back to the world of Red Trigger. The award-winning game was originally created as a student project and has been revamped with new features by a team of 15. 

Inspired by games like Metroid Prime and Bioshock, Red Trigger is a challenging puzzle game that will put player’s problem-solving skills to the test. Players must use their laser gun to expand and retract red blocks to create bridges and platforms that will aid them in progressing through levels.

Explore a digital world, as you guide Red, a computer virus on her mission to infiltrate and shut down and destroy a computer system.  Fans of Portal will find themselves enjoying the different puzzles scattered throughout the game. Red Trigger also caters to fans of Bioshock in terms of story, with twists and turns and even audio logs to enhance the player experience. 


Red Trigger 2 Main Features:

Captivating Story: Play as a computer virus infiltrating a computer server to uncover the greater mystery and questions that are behind the Gathering Initiative and why everyone you meet suffers tremendously through the events of the game and audio logs.

Scanning Visor: Enter scanning mode at any time and scan specific elements of the environment to learn more about the abstract world surrounding you.

Mental Health-Themed Biomes: Each biome is themed around specific mental health challenges, like FOMO, guilt, psychosis, etc. You will need to help the associated characters to break the link between them and the system. 

Escape Sequences: At the end of each biome, you will upload your virus and need to do an epic escape sequence back to the HUB as everything crumbles around you! Parkour and fast reflexes will be your friends in those sections.

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