Mirrored Souls will be released on PC and consoles on August 23rd!

Mirrored Souls will be released on PC and consoles on August 23rd!

Short N Sweet Games and The Bricks Studio announce today that their “single-player-coop” puzzle-platformer Mirrored Souls will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch on August 23 for $14.99 / €14,20. Control the main characters, Ravi and Daru, at the same time and in a mirrored screen, while solving Braid-like puzzles with the goal of reuniting two celestial beings that have been separated forever in this short, indie, premium experience. You can check Mirrored Souls’s gameplay trailer below.

About the game

Mirrored Souls is a game about contemplation and living in the present. Ravi and Daru are two celestial beings living their particularly impossible love story, as they live in mirrored worlds and are constantly traversing portals trying to, finally, be together. In their journey to reunite, players will have to solve puzzles in a chill environment. Mirrored Souls doesn’t push players to complete the game before a clock runs out but encourages them to find clever ways to overcome every obstacle.

The game from The Bricks Studio has been carefully hand-drawn and emphasizes what the studio has called a “single-player-coop” experience. Players will control both characters at the same time in a mirrored screen, where moving both characters precisely will be paramount to progress. Mirrored Souls is a game with different sources of inspiration: GRIS and Studio Ghibli’s environment art, Braid’s gameplay, and Journey’s relaxed atmosphere.


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