Time-travelling visual novel ‘The Chrono Jotter’ now available on Steam

Time-travelling visual novel ‘The Chrono Jotter’ now available on Steam

Publisher 2P Games and Orca Layout announce that the mystery and suspense visual novel The Chrono Jotter is now available on Steam for $11.99 / €9,99 / £8.49 with a 35% discount off from June 29 at 10am PST until July 13 at 10am PST. Play as Ran Ibuki, a high-school that spent years searching for her missing girlfriend, Ran — only to find her somehow involved in a killing spree at her high-school, where an unknown killer is murdering students for no apparent reason. While investigating the whole thing, Ran will gain time-travelling skills that will help her in her mission. 

DISCLAIMER: The Chrono Jotter is a game recommended for mature audiences due to its depictions of mental health issues, suicide and murder.


Several years had passed since the disappearance of Ann Sakura, a popular high school student, when her girlfriend Ran Ibuke finally found her. But it wasn’t a completely happy reunion — somebody is murdering students at Ann’s high-school and Ran vows to find out who the killer is. The only silver lining in this situation is she has acquired time travelling abilities and every time a student gets murdered, Ran is able to travel back in time to gather clues that will help her find out the murderer and finally know what happened to Ann.


  • Investigate a series of murders at the high school while trying to find your missing girlfriend.
  • Use your new found time-travelling skills to go back in time after every murder and find valuable clues.
  • Don’t trust anyone! Even the most popular person in high school (or your closest friend) might be a murderer.
  • Places disappearing, the sound of footsteps behind you, silk-worms trapping you inside cocoons.. is this real or is your mind tricking you again?

EN Release Trailer:

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