American Hero: Unrated Edition Launches On July 4th

American Hero: Unrated Edition Launches On July 4th

Ziggurat Interactive has reached a hand right back into the depths of the 1990s, rummaged around in the piles of Tupac CDs and Nirvana merchandise, and grasped an unreleased Atari Jaguar cartridge. The formerly lost cartridge is for the saucy Full Motion Video (FMV), American Hero: Unrated Edition, and it’s set to launch for the first time on July 4, 2023, exclusively on GOG.

During the production of the original American Hero, the crew shot two versions, the first of which was the dialed-back, rated cut released in 2021 on PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The other version featured content that was wilder, unfiltered, and, let’s just say, revealing. This never before seen cut of American Hero features remade scenes with all of the profanities and uncensored content you could possibly need.

American Hero: Unrated Edition is a classic ’90s action flick in the palm of your hand, in all of its true glory. Players are tasked with guiding Jack, a former American intelligence officer pulled out of retirement and charged with a mission: stop the malicious virologist Krueger from unleashing a sinister virus in the Los Angeles water supply. With the Unrated Edition, expect blood, body parts, and more expletives than your punk ass can handle.

Already own American Hero? GOG offers a 60% discount on the Unrated version of the game if the rated version is in your GOG library, so you get the complete picture (wink, wink).

Features of American Hero: Unrated Edition include:

  • Hot off the Hollywood Press: A fully written and revised Hollywood script with classic campy direction and dialogue.
  • Keep The Camera Rolling: A seamless Full Motion Video (FMV) style that keeps the action following.
  • The 90s are Back with A-Vengence: A gritty and intense story oozing with violence and sex appeal.
  • Return of the King: Hollywood actor Timothy Bottoms is back as Jack with a newly recorded voiceover

American Hero: Unrated Edition on PC releases exclusively on GOG on July 4, 2023, along with the PlayStation 5 release of the rated version.

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