‘Viridian’ Expansion for EVE Online, Empowering Player-Driven Corporations to Skyrocket Their Success

‘Viridian’ Expansion for EVE Online, Empowering Player-Driven Corporations to Skyrocket Their Success

CCP Games today launched EVE Online: Viridian, the new major expansion for sci-fi spacefaring MMO EVE Online. Viridian introduces sophisticated new tools for players to manage their corporations and set goals, personalize Upwell structures, and engage in unique combat strategies with brand-new lancer dreadnoughts. The Viridian expansion creates new avenues for players to forge relationships as they fly together by engaging in socially driven gameplay, all for the glory of their corporations. Players will also be able to enjoy new cutting-edge visual updates that add depth to the star systems and spaceships of New Eden.

Viridian is a testament to EVE Online’s 20 years of innovation and immersion,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online‘s Creative Director. “This expansion propels corporation leaders and their members to unprecedented heights. Build influence, fly with friends, foster stronger connections, and unite for collective glory! There is no better time than the present to warp into New Eden, join the fray and become a part of its epic history.”

Viridian‘s transformative features empower corporations to establish, monitor, and achieve their goals while solidifying their place in EVE Online’s rich, dynamic universe. Corporation Projects allow corporation leaders to elevate objectives and track their progress, the new AIR Opportunities interface enables members to discover new ways to aid their corps, while Homefront Operations provide new socially engaging adventures in which players can boost their skills and bring on new recruits. Learn more about the streamlined corporation management tools and engaging activities that Viridian adds to EVE Online in this blog post: Corporations Enhanced


Viridian gives player-run corporations access to the Heraldry System, further bolstering their collective identities. Corporation leaders can appoint a dedicated Corporation Brand Manager and personalize any of EVE Online’s 11 Upwell structures to leave their rivals in awe. With over 90 color options available upon Viridian’s launch, corporations can proudly display their group’s signature colors across New Eden. More information about Upwell structure personalization can be found here: Upwell Structure Personalization

Players can now unleash unparalleled devastation in battle with Tech II Lancer Dreadnoughts, specialized new ships that serve a distinct strategic role in EVE Online’s capital spacecraft ecosystem. Lancers are CCP Games’ first foray into the advanced Tech II arena for capital ships since the launch of jump freighters in 2007, offering players fresh tactical opportunities on the battlefield. Equipped with disruptive area-of-effect weaponry, Tech II Lancer Dreadnoughts can temporarily prevent a target from warping, tethering, or using their jump drive. Four unique lancers will be introduced, one for each main empire, each with their own unique battle strategy and powerful weaponry. Learn more about each empire’s lancer and weapon in this blog post: New Lancer Dreadnoughts

CCP Games continues to evolve EVE Online’s graphical fidelity with the addition of volumetric cloud designs and enhanced visual effects for frigates, marauders, and missiles. Players will notice significant changes to frigate and marauder lighting, color, and headlights to reflect the ship’s speed, further immersing pilots as they navigate across the cosmos of New Eden. EVE’s signature high-octane battles are also more colorful with overhauled missile impact effects, enabling pilots to easily distinguish what type of damage is being dealt. For more information about the latest visual upgrades, see this blog post: Viridian in Focus

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