Teslagrad 2 Surprises Adventure Fans with Launch Alongside Reveal & Release of Teslagrad Remastered

Teslagrad 2 Surprises Adventure Fans with Launch Alongside Reveal & Release of Teslagrad Remastered

Nearly 10 years and 2 million+ sales after the original Teslagrad series’ debut, developer Rain Games and publisher Modus Games announced today that Teslagrad 2 is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. The incomparable puzzle platformer’s celebrated series’ return was confirmed in one of the most shocking surprises during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase presentation alongside the reveal and launch of Teslagrad Remastered, an enhanced return to the delightfully electric puzzle-platformer adventure series’ beginnings featuring all-new content.

Teslagrad 2’s launch trailer samples the grand escapade awaiting players, touring visions of Steampunk technology housed in a massive, abandoned tower along with its surrounding fjordside wildlands richly inspired by Nordic folklore. Glimpse secrets, surreal dangers and long-lost treasures awaiting adventurers in today’s launch trailer for Teslagrad 2 – the thrilling follow-up almost a decade in the making.

A grand, surreal journey of a stranded airship pilot faced with deadly encounters of the creatures prowling a forgotten land, Teslagrad 2 builds a remarkable tale around the incredible power of Teslamancy. Protagonist Lumina’s only chance to return home and reunite with her family is to brave the unknown, traversing a mystifying world and clearing its most complex trials with the help of her evolving electromagnetic abilities.

Teslagrad 2 features: 

  • An Electrifying New Heroine: Lead Lumina’s dangerous journey home, from a crash landing to an awesome realizing of dormant expertise of the lost art of Teslamancy
  • A World of Mystery: The remote, abandoned land of Wyrmheim spans hand-drawn vistas, somber caverns and a landmark of grand steampunk architecture
  • Supercharged Powers: Gracefully leap, glide and escape danger with the help of intuitive, satisfying electrical powers and an expansive Teslamancer skillset
  • Peculiar Puzzles: Solve perplexities and clear obstacles by navigating true-to-physics puzzles designed to tease an adventurer’s curiosity and reward creative thinking
  • Striking Visuals: Hand-drawn wilderness brimming with life blooms with a stirring blend of pastels and muted tones, bringing Teslagrad’s somber yet evocative environments to life 

Purchase or wishlist Teslagrad 2’s enchanting new chapter in the Teslagrad universe here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1698220/Teslagrad_2/

Teslagrad Remastered features:

  • Overhauled Visuals: Updated visuals lend an enchanting new look for the original debut of Teslamancy 
  • Dazzling Improvements: Light-touch additions and refinements elevate the adventure, making fresh playthroughs feel intuitive and satisfying
  • New Challenges: Teslamancers will find 10 all-new challenges built to test their best puzzle-solving skills

Launch Trailer:

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