Numskull Games & Atari Announce Publishing Partnership Starting with Akka Arrh

Numskull Games & Atari Announce Publishing Partnership Starting with Akka Arrh

Independent video game publisher, Numskull Games has announced it has entered a new publishing partnership with Atari to kick off 2023. The partnership will see Numskull Games release a number of physical titles in Europe with exclusive Collectors Editions available in European regions at major retailers and online stores. Beginning with the recently released Akka Arrh led by Jeff Minter, Numskull Games will be releasing the title in Europe with a Standard Edition on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5, along with its own bespoke Special Edition.

“We’re thrilled to announce our European publishing partnership with Atari,” says Martin Defries, Numskull Games Managing Director. “…working with one of the most recognised and celebrated brands in the world is an exciting milestone event for Numskull Games as a publishing partner and we’re looking forward to kicking things off with the release of Akka Arrh; a fantastic re-imagining of a previously unreleased Arcade classic.”

More details on where to pre-order Akka Arrh will become available in the coming weeks along with the contents of the Special Edition. More announcements are due to come from Numskull Games on other Atari products throughout 2023 & beyond.

“Numskull Games’ approach to game publishing, with broad reach at retail and the addition of bespoke special editions designed for fans and collectors, makes them an ideal partner for Atari,” said Atari CEO Wade Rosen. “Numskull shares our passion for indie and retro-inspired games and we look forward to working with them to share our games with players across Europe.”

Follow Numskull Games for updates on when pre-orders begin via Twitter & TikTok. Retailer links will be available from the Numskull Games website at a later date.

  More about Akka Arrh…

A cascade of words, colour, shapes and sound flows around your turret as you desperately fight off swarms of inbound attackers. If enemies penetrate your perimeter you need to zoom into close range combat and beat them back, adjusting to a completely different perspective in the blink of an eye. Welcome to Jeff Minter’s Akka Arrh.

Akka Arrh combines the intrigue of an incredibly rare Atari arcade prototype with the unique creative vision of Jeff Minter to deliver a wave shooter that is insanely fun to play. Akka Arrh drips with Minter’s sense of humour, his love of psychedelic colour and light, and his ability to flat-out create games that are a joy to play.

Akka Arrh is the name of your star cannon, which you control from a fixed turret called the Sentinel. Your mission is to keep enemies from penetrating the Sentinel’s perimeter. If any of them slip through, you zoom into the lower field and take them out. Once cleared, zoom back out and continue defending.


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