First-Person horror escape room DO NOT OPEN releases today on PlayStation 4!

First-Person horror escape room DO NOT OPEN releases today on PlayStation 4!

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain), Gammera Nest, and Nox Noctis announce today that the first-person horror escape room Do Not Open is now available on both physically and digitally on PlayStation 4. You can check Do Not Open’s release trailer below.

Do Not Open is a survival horror that features escape room mechanics as well. Michael J. Goreng, the main character, is a well-known zoologist and epidemiologist trapped in a warped version of his house where his wife and daughter are missing. Mike will have to solve different puzzles to escape from a mysterious threat while dealing with paranormal activity. 

Nox Noctis promises high replayability in Do Not Open: will have different combinations and item places, and different layers of the main stages of Judith’s Manor. Even the plot and lore will be a puzzle by themselves, to discover the mystery that surrounds the house. Nox Noctis was founded as a spin-off of Quasar Dynamics, a company with years of expertise in VR, AR, and XR. In Do Not Open they are turning all their knowledge to video games in a title that will last in players’ minds for years.


  • Experience a challenging interactive escape room. Solve riddles and puzzles to escape from this nightmare and unravel its secrets.
  • 4K@60FPS visuals that help create an oppressive atmosphere.
  • Beware of an evil presence lurking in the shadows. Think fast and don’t take too long solving the puzzles and choose wisely. A dark entity is watching you…
  • Each run is different. The randomness in puzzle combinations and different layers of the manor will make every gameplay unique.

Launch Trailer:

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