Coming to PC Later this Year – A Cursed Floppy Disk is Going to Ruin Your Evening in Suffer the Night

Coming to PC Later this Year – A Cursed Floppy Disk is Going to Ruin Your Evening in Suffer the Night

Brace yourself for a night of terror and delicious cruelty, as revered indie publisher Assemble Entertainment began 2023 with a bang-or a scream- by stepping into the world of horror with their newest title: Suffer the Night. A unique horror experience from developer Tainted Pact that blends first-person survival horror with the vibe of 80s slasher flicks, Suffer the Night creates a dread-inducing atmosphere with a gripping narrative and jumpscares a’plenty. Coming to PC via Steam later this year, Suffer the Night invites you to keep out evil incarnate by playing his wicked game—literally.

“We are thrilled beyond words to welcome Suffer the Night, our first true foray into horror, into our games catalogue,” said Stefan Marcinek, CEO and founder of Assemble Entertainment. “Tainted Pact has woven together an impressive blend of dread and nostalgia, and we’re excited to be able to help bring this story of terror and woe to life.”

In Suffer the Night, players take on the role of Stacey Liden, a painter who specializes in horror illustrations in her isolated woods-bound cabin. After receiving an envelope containing a mysterious floppy disk, Stacy boots it up on her old Eldrixon personal computer and begins playing. As she progresses through the terror of the text-based adventure, she’s visited by a mysterious and threatening stranger, urging her to finish the game. The strange and horrifying things within the game begin leaking into the real world…will Stacey survive, or will she suffer the night? Only one thing is for certain: don’t let him get in.

  • Horror Beyond Comprehension: A highlight of this title is the text-based dungeon crawler “game within a game” filled with grisly scenarios and vivid descriptions of the atrocities wherein. Players will need to flex their old-school gaming muscles to progress within the stories, both inside the Eldrixon and out.
  • Don’t Let Him In: While playing through the floppy disk game, the mysterious figure who delivered it isn’t shy about making his presence known. Be sure to address any…interruptions…he causes, or suffer the consequences. 
  • A Chilling Combination: Suffer the Night expertly weaves two genres of horror games into one, balancing the chilling anxiety of the text-based adventure with the dread of first-person survival horror
  • The Source Of The Nightmare: Dive deeper into the game than you ever thought possible, and face nightmarish creatures head-on as you descend into the depths of Mr. Tops’ twisted world

Suffer the Night has a planned release set for 2023. A free demo is now available to play on Steam — try the game now

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