The Crackpet Show – Switch-PC launch trailer

The Crackpet Show – Switch-PC launch trailer

The most bizarre TV show ever conceived has arrived! Publisher Ravenage Games and Developer Vixa Games have announced that brutal rogue-lite shoot-em-up The Crackpet Show is now available on Switch and PC via Steam. Become a cuddly homicidal maniac and compete in a violent TV show to earn likes, sponsorships and celebrity status. The Crackpet Show’s full launch features a new main theme created by Happy Tree Friends composer Jerome Rossen, a new Endless game mode, a full campaign with a final boss, and funky jazz tunes made with showstopping slaughter in mind.

The Crackpet Show’s new main theme was deviously composed by Jerome Rossen, the mind behind every single note found in every single episode of cult classic splatter comedy Happy Tree Friends. The melody blends nicely with the game’s new in-game jazz funk tracks. After all, good tunes are essential for any worthwhile televised murder event.

Speaking of murder, The Crackpet Show’s new Endless Mode challenges contestants to butcher waves of enemies and bosses as their favorite animals and classes in an attempt to climb the leaderboards and become a household name. Discover the loadouts, perks and special items that suit your playstyle to eviscerate never-ending hordes on your own, or enlist the help of up to three other players via couch co-op or remote play functionality to completely paint the arena red.

But wait, there’s more! The Crackpet Show’s full launch also includes a full campaign with new skins for characters, refreshed minibosses, new decorations and room layouts, new guns, new perks, and a final episode with a surprising final boss. To claim your fame, you better be willing to fight for it!

Switch owners can enjoy The Crackpet Show’s homicidal hysteria at home or on the go. Pass along a Joy-Con to a buddy and revel in the couch co-op carnage. Share The Crackpet Show’s insanity with friends via only one console and keep the massacre going in Endless mode – just don’t let it get to your head.

“Since The Crackpet Show’s original debut as a Steam Early Access title, our team has completely overhauled this bloody broadcast sensation with an incredible amount of content,” says Robert Fijałkowski, PR/Marketing Manager at Vixa Games. “The Crackpet Show’s full release on PC and Switch includes all of the animal mutants, guns, items, perks, rooms, layouts, episodes, bosses and more that we introduced during Early Access, plus a new Endless mode, a full campaign, new tunes, and a new main theme from Jerome Rossen. All of this content, along with balancing and some quality of life updates, would not have been possible without our outspoken and passionate community. We are thrilled to finally unshackle our deranged pet project onto the world today and can’t wait for players to enjoy the game’s fuzzy unbridled madness – just in time for the holidays!”

Key Features:

  • Rogue-lite Shoot-em-up Showdown – Play around with scores of enemies, weapons, perks and items in randomized map layouts with randomized drops. Cut your teeth against carnivorous bosses that’ll test your ability to think on your feet.
  • The Bloodiest and Most Bizarre TV Show On Air – Your favorite cute and colorful gore cartoons are brought to life! Don’t miss your opportunity to turn a pink rabbit into a harbinger of death.
  • Enjoy Solo or With Friends – Play the game alone or have some friends join you. Strategize, fool around and steal your friends’ items and power-ups. Become famous while having fun!

The Crackpet Show is now available on Switch and PC via Steam. To keep up to date with the latest information on the title, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Instagram, join our Discord, and visit the game’s Steam page.

Official Release Trailer:

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