ASTLIBRA Revision Arrives on Switch in 2023

ASTLIBRA Revision Arrives on Switch in 2023

Indie sleeper hit ASTLIBRA Revision closes out the year with an exciting glance into the near future. Developer KEIZO has announced the celebrated action JRPG will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2023, and development on the game’s first DLC has begun as well. Rest assured, the battle across time is far from over.

After fourteen years of development, ASTLIBRA Revision was met with overwhelming praise courtesy of thrilling hack and slash combat, meticulously crafted worlds, and brutal boss encounters. Nintendo Switch players will soon be able to experience this ode to classic JRPGs as they confront time and fate in 2023. While Nintendo Switch warriors forge ahead into fractured lands for the very first time, an unlikely hero also takes up arms… or a broom. In addition to the Nintendo Switch version, KEIZO unveiled ASTLIBA Revision’s first DLC, ASTLIBRA: The Cave of Phantom Mist. The remake of ASTLIBRA Revision’s mini-Gaiden follows the baker of Rispadar’s daughter on an epic journey of their own. ASTLIBRA: The Cave of Phantom Mist will be coming to both Steam and Nintendo Switch as DLC in 2023.

As the new year approaches, KEIZO strives to introduce a richer and more exciting ASTLIBRA Revision experience. This begins with two highly requested quality of life updates. The developer has commissioned Steam collectible cards, backgrounds, and more for players to collect throughout their time with ASTLIBRA Revision. Additionally, in an effort to craft an experience as enjoyable and charming as its Japanese equivalent, KEIZO is actively polishing the English translation.

Eager for a taste of KEIZO’s grand adventure? ASTLIBRA Revision is now available on Steam, and will be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023.

ASTLIBRA Revision Trailer:

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