Warlord Britannia – Arrows and Artillery Update Out

Warlord Britannia – Arrows and Artillery Update Out

Darkmatter Games is pleased to announce that Warlord Britannia has released a new major content update, ‘Arrows and Artillery.’ The update brings major changes to the first-person open-world strategy game that is currently in Early Access. 

‘Arrows and Artillery’ is the third major content update on the game’s Early Access development roadmap and brings a variety of new battle tactics to its massive battles. The update adds ranged warfare to the mix with a host of content additions, including archer units, artillery units, new quests, new camp buildings, and changes to formations. 

Players can now rain down fire and brimstone on their enemies with Scorpions and Ballista while pelting their foes with arrows. This, however, works both ways; players will need to adapt and change tactics to face new ranged threats. The Testudo formation will now be put to its ultimate test, defending Roman lives against a hail of incoming arrows.

For players new to Warlord, or those finding themselves struggling initially to gain the upper hand in Britannia, a new difficulty setting was added to the Options menu. Legate is the default, with no modifier. Centurion decreases damage dealt to Romans by 50%. Warlord increases damage dealt to Romans by 50%.

The update also brings a variety of balance tweaks and changes to mechanics to provide the most enhanced experience to date. Warlord Britannia is available via Steam Early Access now for $19.99 / £15.49 / €16.79.

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