Tchia – New Gameplay Commentary Trailer for Upcoming Open-World Adventure Game

Tchia – New Gameplay Commentary Trailer for Upcoming Open-World Adventure Game

While we have to sit in our offices, Tchia lives on a tropical island, soul-jumping her way from adventure to adventure. In a new in-depth video showcasing all-new gameplay, environments and story elements, Game Director Phil Crifo guides viewers through a typical day in Tchia, Awaceb’s upcoming open-world adventure. Take an extended look at the game’s gorgeous New Caledonia-inspired setting and watch as Tchia traverses a variety of true-to-life landscapes with her unique soul-jumping abilities. Effortlessly venture from the world’s rocky mountains to sky-blue waters, and solve creative puzzles – whilst also playing a song or two on the ukulele on the way.   

Traveling across the landscape, Tchia can run, jump or glide vast distances, as long as her stamina is up. But other methods of getting around are much faster, or at least, more unique. Tchia can climb to the top of a tree and catapult herself across the canopy, as well as climb almost any larger obstacle, whether rocks or mountains. But with an entire archipelago to explore, two legs just don’t cut it. Tchia’s soul-jumping ability allows her to quickly hop into the body of almost any animal or inanimate object you can find. Take to the seas and explore the ocean depths as a dolphin, or traverse distances by sky as a seagull. 

Not everything is calm and relaxing in Tchia though. The island Tchia calls home has been invaded by strange fabric creatures called the Maano, who under the orders of the archipelago’s evil ruler, have abducted her father. Players will have to use everything at their disposal to take them out, choosing between burning the cloth menaces with lanterns or stunning them with Tchia’s trusty slingshot. Soul-jumping offers additional solutions, with Tchia being able to control a nearby lantern and fling it at an enemy. 

Also aiding Tchia on her journey is her trusty ukulele. While players can simply play a few chords on it whenever they want, the instrument itself is filled with magic, letting Tchia change the world around her. With a few simple strums, players can change the time of day, weather or use powerful magic abilities. 

Tchia is set to release in Spring 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. For more information, visit

Official Commented Gameplay Walkthrough:

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