Stellaris: Console Edition Adds Aquatics Species Pack on August 25

Stellaris: Console Edition Adds Aquatics Species Pack on August 25

Paradox Interactive, a developer and publisher of immersive games, today announced that the Aquatics Species Pack will release for Stellaris: Console Edition on August 25, 2022. Included in the Fifth Expansion Pass for Stellaris: Console Edition alongside the Nemesis expansion and, in the near future, the Overlord expansion, Aquatics will be available this summer for players on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. All players who have already purchased the Expansion Pass will be able to download Aquatics the day it is released.

The Aquatics Species Pack allows players to embrace the life of a seafaring civilization as they sail the open expanses of the galaxy. Dive into Stellaris with a sea of new choices, and discover new life where one least expects it. Let a wave of new customizable options for player empires crash into Stellaris, with a treasure trove of new species portraits, ship set, origins and more. 

In all, the Aquatics Species Pack includes: 

    • New origins:
      • Here be Dragons!: An ancient, intelligent, thousand year old sage-like blue dragon is orbiting your home world. She protects, but also demands – is she a guardian or threat? Perhaps both….
      • Ocean Paradise: Aquatic species have mastered the water elements and are now ready to harvest the rewards that a life on the sea brings. Gives players a larger home world, as well as happier schools that grow faster!
      • New trait: Aquatic: These species are adapted to live on ocean worlds but less so on others. Choose carefully when beginning your voyage! 
      • New Civic: Anglers: Visit the agriculture districts to reap the spoils of the ocean: fresh seafood and rare pearls, a valuable consumer good. 
      • New Ascension perk: Hydrocentric: Aquatic species have developed cheaper and faster methods of modifying their environments, by either terraforming planets into oceanic worlds or making them bigger by harvesting water from other worlds.
      • New ship set with a sleek look, designed to help you yacht your way through space.
      • New Aquatics Dragon: A new, majestic space dragon will now grace the stars.
      • New Advisor: Sail the stars alongside the Seafarer advisor voice, inspired by high-seas adventure fiction.
      • 15 new aquatics portraits 

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