Ember Knights – Now Available in Early Access on Steam

Ember Knights – Now Available in Early Access on Steam

Ember Knights, Asmodee Digital’s and Doom Turtle’s new action rogue-lite adventure, is now available as Early Access on Steam (PC) for 14.99€/$14.99/£11.39. Players take on the roles of the Ember Knights, the last hope for a universe in disarray who must master fast-paced combat to defeat the mad sorcerer Praxis and his hordes.

Throughout the Early Access period, Doom Turtle will support the game with the help of Asmodee Digital through regular patches and content updates until the full release in 2023. Over the next few months, the first three new updates will introduce more weapons, relics, gameplay features, a fourth world and its enemies,  and plenty more that is yet to be announced. Players can already look forward to the first update coming next month. This will bring with it a powerful new weapon, new relics as well as several fixes and improvements.
On top of all the weapons, skills, relics, enemies, bosses, challenges, and gameplay features that will be added to the game, the development team also plans on perfecting and polishing the game with the help of the community. Doom Turtle and Asmodee Digital are keen to ensure that players are involved in all the key decisions through their feedback and comments.

Featuring a retro pixel-art universe, Ember Knights will immerge players into a fiery 16-bit adventure. Legendary warriors can fight their way through the levels solo or in co-op up to four players, defeating hordes of enemies. The game offers hack’n’slash combat in which players will have to master timed attacks to make the best of the skills available to defeat all enemies. With dozens of different skills, weapons and relics to choose from, players can create hundreds of combat combinations to customize their playstyle.
The Early Access of Ember Knights is now available on Steam (PC). Players can buy the game for 14.99€/$14.99/£11.39. Until April 27th, players can enjoy a 10% launch offer when buying the game.

While the game supports keyboard and mouse controls, using a controller is recommended for the ultimate gaming experience. Ember Knights is playable in solo and online & local co-op for up to four players.

Early Access Launch Trailer:

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