Surviving Mars – Three Content Creator Packs Announced

Surviving Mars – Three Content Creator Packs Announced

Paradox Interactive is proud to announce three brand new content creator packs for Surviving Mars: the Martian Express Pack – created by veteran modders Lucian “LukeH” Hada and Sylvain “Silva” Maupetit – the Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack, and Revelation Radio. All three packs will be released on April 28th in the “All new in” bundle, but eager players can wishlist them on Steam starting today.

With the Martian Express pack, gamers will be able to move their colonists and resources between stations facilitating access to far away domes and remote resource deposits. Other outside manned buildings will also be buildable near stations without needing a dome. 

The Martian Express pack will be available for a suggested retail price of 6.99 USD / 6.99 EUR / 5.19 GBP.


Announcement Trailer:


Beyond & Below Release Trailer:

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