Super Catboy Has New Demo for Steam Next Fest

Super Catboy Has New Demo for Steam Next Fest

f you thought a 16-bit pixel art game about a punk-as-F#@* kitty cat couldn’t be done, think again! 

Bust out your skateboard and blast some Beasty boys on your Walkman because Assemble Entertainment and developer Pixelgogo has a radical new Super-Nintendo inspired trailer for their run-n-gun extravaganza Super Catboy, celebrating the release of a new demo as part of Steam Next Fest. The outrageously fun claws-out action-platformer is slated for a release this summer and tells the tail of the eponymous Catboy and his spunky, gunslinging sidekick, Weapongirl. 

Super Catboy melds its retro high-bit pixel art style with modern, fast-paced run-and-gun mechanics to create a truly paw-inspiring gameplay experience. Play the new demo here:

Watch the funky new Super Catboy trailer provided below:

90’s Trailer:

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