Sifu: The Cost of Time

Sifu: The Cost of Time
Sifu developers at Sloclap have released an eight minute live action short today, “The Cost of Time” which features an absolute barrage of badass Kung Fu right into your eyeballs.
Sloclap partnered with director Christopher Clark Cowan (YouTube RivenX3i) to bring Sifu to fans in a live action short film. Follow the main character as they hunts down Fajar, one of the assassins who killed their father.
Sifu is a third person action game launching on Feb 8 on PC and consoles and features intense hand-to-hand combat, putting you in control of a young Kung-Fu student on a path of revenge.
Pre-orders available – Last chance to get the 48 hours early access:

A Live Action Adaptation Video:


Combat System Trailer:


Behind The Scenes Trailer:



Release Date Trailer:



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