An In-Depth View into the V Rising Experience

An In-Depth View into the V Rising Experience

Stunlock Studios today have published their latest dev blog in which Creative Director Martin Lövgren and Game Director Peter Ilves were consulted about what to expect when playing their open-world vampire survival game, V Rising, coming to PC on Steam with the Beta coming later this year. This Dev blog is full of information regarding the building of your castle – the base of all your vampiric operations and the foundation of your dark empire, hunting, combat and the importance of blood.

In the wake of the latest gameplay trailer, this Dev blog explores the setting and core mechanics that you will need to conquer in order to amass a vampire empire. Unlike in typical survival games, in V Rising you play as a vampire returning to greatness while hunting to survive and satisfy your sanguineous needs. Stalk the night and tactically plan your kills to brave the hostile world, crafting weapons and tools to appease your primal desires. As a vampire, blood is everything:

“Vampire society is an engine that runs on blood, and in the world of V Rising, that is perhaps more true than in many other vampire-themed games. Blood isn’t just what the undead drink to sustain themselves, but like veins running through a body, blood pumps through every aspect of what makes an unholy empire… In this game, you’re a predator. The focus on harvesting prey to advance your abilities is essential to living that fantasy, and you’ll find yourself cutting through endless enemies as you claw your way to the top”

Gameplay Trailer:


Teaser Trailer:



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