Escape from Naraka – Headup Announces PC Release Date

Escape from Naraka – Headup Announces PC Release Date

Headup today announced that their upcoming first-person survival platformer, Escape from Naraka, will be released on Steam on July 29th. Excited fans can get a first taste of Naraka’s exotic atmosphere in the Steam Next Fest demo which is available for one more day. If you are fast enough, you can win valuable Chroma peripheral prizes from Razer for playing – more info is available here.

When the game releases, you will be able to compete with other players on the global Steam leaderboards – every level and every whole run will be recorded, so you can compare your times with other players around the world. And of course, the full version will feature full Razer Chroma support too, providing an additional layer of atmosphere. 

Escape from Naraka combines Balinese legends and mythology with strong influences from games like SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell, Dark Deception, and DOOM. Speeding through a labyrinthian temple filled with Balinese mythology, trials, and traps makes for a unique platforming experience. The development team used real Balinese artifacts and 3D scanning technology to add the depth of Bali’s rich history to the game’s world.

Announcement Trailer:

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