Indigo 7 Reveals its Protagonists & Voice Cast in New Trailers

Indigo 7 Reveals its Protagonists & Voice Cast in New Trailers

Dolores Entertainment starts unveiling the protagonists and voice actors behind Indigo 7, a new comic-styled puzzle game that will see the light this Summer on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and Steam. In this teen comedy, Dylan Rev plays the role of Nathan, the main character and singer of the band, with Sean Chiplock as Guille, his best friend at the keyboard in the band. Now you can hear them in the new gameplay and character teasers, revealed just this week!

Dylan Rev is an upcoming voice actor from Canada. With a background in the film industry as assistant art director in some national productions (TallBoyz, the Baroness von Sketch Show and the thriller movie Clifton Hill), Nathan is one of his first roles in games voice acting. On the other hand, Sean Chiplock specializes in voicing anime and Japanese video games: you know him as Diluc (Genshin Impact), Yuuki Mishima (Persona 5), Ren Schwarzer (Trails of Cold Steel IV), Shin (Dorohedoro), and Natsuki Subaru (RE: Zero), among other popular characters.

The rest of the characters and names in the talented cast of voice actors of Indigo 7 will be revealed in the upcoming weeks with new presentation teasers, so stay tuned!

Introducing Nathan Trailer:

Introducing Guille Trailer:

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