Grand Casino Tycoon – Launching May 2nd on Steam

Grand Casino Tycoon – Launching May 2nd on Steam

When it comes to attracting patrons to your casino, it’s nice to keep the penny slots active and provide plenty of $5 blackjack tables for the working class regulars. However, what every serious gambling house really needs are the big spenders — customers that have an endless cash flow and want to play the highest of high-stakes games.

In the latest video for Grand Casino Tycoon — the casino business management sim from publisher Aerosoft and developer stillalive studios — we’re going to meet a few of these larger-than-life, super-special guests, and you might just recognize a few!

A successful casino’s bread and butter are the less wealthy patrons. The ones you can count on to come in every week and dump their measly paycheck right into your pockets. Unfortunately, bread and butter do not make a profitable sandwich, and to really count yourself among the top dogs on the strip, you need to attract the big fish: the type of guest that leaves their American Express Centurion Card at the cage.

Special guests have special needs, however, and it’s your job to cater to the whims of these chic and dignified (or at least filthy rich) patrons.

Only the best will do, and paying close attention to the often outrageous requests of these spoiled elites will allow you to take ‘em for all they’re worth — or at least, a small chunk of what they claim to be worth!

Meet the VIPs:

  • Paris Hotel: Wealthy heiress or suspicious and recently rich widow? Nobody knows for sure, but Paris Hotel is a lady of class and sophistication that demands the absolute best service and upper-class treatment!
  • Jeff Amazonas: Why does the richest man in the world even bother to gamble? Who cares! What’s important is that he’s here, in your casino, dropping cash. So tell your dealers to postpone their breaks and the bartenders to hold off on going to the bathroom until the bald-billionaire has left the building!
  • Karen: You’ve seen the videos, you know the memes. Karen comes ready to set forth on the warpath lined with fallen managers, so it’s extremely important for everyone’s sanity that she’s well taken care of
  • Gérard Des Obliques: Some guests come to play cards, some come for the shows. Others are here for one thing and one thing only: fine dining. Gérard enjoys a good meal, and ensuring he’s got a lot on his plate (literally) will keep this Gaulish Gastronome pleased as Parisian punch.
  • May Flowers: April showers bring May Flowers, except in this case replace “April Showers” with everyone’s money! This little lady might seem unassuming, but it’s all part of her plan, but you’ll need to keep her high on your radar and ensure the only flowers blossoming are the dollar bills in the counting room!
  • Luan Xui: Keep a close eye on this card sharp as she calmly collects crops of cash from unassuming rubes at the poker tables. She’s good at what she does, and what she does is make money, so it’s your job to tread the line between keeping her happy and making sure she doesn’t leave with all of yours!
  • Austin Powders: Living dangerously means not hitting on 5 and keeping a cool head. While this patron might not know his way around a blackjack table, he’s here to schmooze with the other VIPs and that means he’s got money to spare. Treating him right might just help prevent that moon laser from blowing up the White House, so make sure to show him a good time!

Want to try your luck? Sign up for Grand Casino Tycoon’s first official open public playtest on Steam and join the official Discord to chat with the devs in real-time, get community support, and share feedback with the teams. Sign up begins Friday, April 30th, 2021, at 9:30 am Eastern on Steam. The playtest runs until Sunday, May 2nd, 2021, at 9:30 am Eastern.


Vip Trailer:

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