Stellaris: Nemesis – Available Now

Stellaris: Nemesis – Available Now

Today Paradox Interactive, a studio that gives players their chance to save the galaxy, announced that Nemesis, the newest and biggest expansion for Stellaris, is now available for PC players around the world. 

With Nemesis, players shape the destiny of a galaxy filled with uncertainty and turmoil. Whether it’s choosing to embrace justice and peace as a Galactic Custodian (and maintaining the powers after the term ends; to ensure the “stability” of the galaxy) or opting for ultimate destruction by BECOMING the endgame crisis with the new Menace option, in Nemesis, Stellaris players will have the most powerful tools in game history at their disposal. 

Rifle through previously classified intel by watching the newest trailer.

Whether one opts to steal power through subterfuge and trickery, or to eliminate everything in their path through sheer tyrannical might, players can expect more control than they ever thought possible with new features:

Become the Crisis: Become the fire that spreads across the galaxy, threatening its very existence. As an empire becomes more and more menacing, players will unlock powerful bonuses to finish a hopeless galactic stalemate on their own terms. If the rest of the galaxy can’t stop it in time, players can unleash enough power to end all of existence!

Galactic Custodian: Prove to the universe that you’re the galaxy’s last and only hope by  and the Galactic Community will declare players as the all-powerful emergency Custodian. Use these extraordinary abilities to bring the galaxy back from the edge of destruction and restore order. When the crisis is defeated players can choose to relinquish their powers… or keep them, and form a new Galactic Imperium.

Espionage: Lies and deceit will throw enemies off your scent while you learn their deepest secrets. Remind the galaxy that knowledge is usng the all-new espionage tools to spy on enemies (or friends). Deploy Envoys to lead covert Operations and counterintelligence behind enemy borders.  

    • As Infiltration Levels grows players will unlock new operations, such as Sabotage Starbase, Acquire Assets or Steal Tech. Turn allies against each other through the use of smear campaigns and by instigating diplomatic incidents. Play it right, and they’ll be none the wiser: what enemies don’t know will hurt them.  

New Ship Set: Nemesis includes new ships inspired by some of the most imposing empires in science fiction. Whether players are taking control of the galaxy or wiping it out, players can look as powerful as they feel.

Release Trailer:

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