A World Apart Launch Date Announced, Plus Loads of New Content

A World Apart Launch Date Announced, Plus Loads of New Content

“The praise that Endzone – A World Apart has received since its announcement has been overwhelmingly positive and it’s been a joy to share this success with Gentlymad Studio,” said Assemble Entertainment CEO Stefan Marcinek. “From formal awards to community accolades, Endzone continues to deliver and we’ve been fortunate enough to support the game every step of the way. Through Early Access and now into its full launch, we’re confident that Endzone will continue to keep its player base happy and bring in new fans who are seeking something a little different in the genre.”

Most recently, Endzone – A World Apart received its twelfth overflowing content update titled “Collect and Explore.” The update provided players with brand new Expeditions as well as content expansions to existing expeditions, adding even more value and depth to essential in-game tasks. Additionally, players can now find Collectibles that unlock vital technologies and unique cosmetic items to adorn bustling communities. While the latest update encourages players to head out into the wasteland and explore the ruined vestiges of pre-cataclysm society, new things are afoot in the home base as well. The Tailor and Workshop buildings have both received upgrades, making them a safer bet for the long-term planning of a budding society.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/933820/

‘Collect & Explore’ Trailer:

‘Trade & Barter’ Update Trailer:

“A World Apart” Feature Trailer:

“Technology Update” Trailer:


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