Project Starship X – Launching January 27th

Project Starship X – Launching January 27th

Project Starship is back with a wacky take on cosmic horror. In this rogue-lite shooter, you’ll take the role of the tentacled-yet-hip Swagthulhu as you CRASH-KILL comical abominations in flashy 16-bit style!

With multi-purpose dodge mechanics and tons of crazy pick-ups, you’ll be able to crash your ship straight through the enemy and emerge unscathed. Project Starship X celebrates genre conventions by turning them upside-down!

In case you missed our recent Winter Showcase video, here’s a quick reminder that we are launching the 2D shoot’em up Project Starship X for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch next week.

Project Starship X will be available digitally on January 27th for US$9.99/€9.99, with an additional 20% launch discount on select platforms.

Blast off for a cosmic Lovecraftian parody in Project Starship X! In this rogue-lite shoot’em up, pilot a star-fighter as Swagthulhu and a diverse cast of other unique pilots. CRASH-KILL your enemies with crazy tactics and absurd power-ups.

Using procedural generation to keep you on your toes, this mission will test even the best pilots with its tough-but-fair challenges. Chiptune music and 16-bit graphics get a modern arcade twist in this addictive and over-the-top take on vertical shooter action!

Launch Trailer:

“Eastasiasoft” Winter Showcase 2020/21:


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