Star Renegades – “Accolades” Trailer

Star Renegades – “Accolades” Trailer

After the hugely successful launch of Star Renegades on Steam, Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass for PC, the team at Massive Damage and Raw Fury are back for more, dropping a full post-release content roadmap for the hit roguelite strategy RPG, as well as a new trailer showing off why people are buzzing about it!

Here’s what you can expect from the future of Star Renegades:

  • New hero characters to unlock
  • New maps, each with their own distinct flavor and biomes
  • New adversaries and bosses to dismantle
  • New upgrades to enhance your team
  • New weapons to send the Imperium packing
  • Polish, Brazillian Portuguese, and Korean language support
  • Plus plenty of gameplay improvements and more!

Star Renegades is a challenging game set around an interplanetary rebellion against an evil authoritarian empire. It fuses a reactive, turn-based battle system with a procedurally generated campaign to ensure that every playthrough is unique and engaging.

Lead a ragtag squad of rebels through richly detailed landscapes, ruins and more on a mission to overthrow the overwhelming might of the Imperium. Your enemies are more than just trash to farm — they’re unique adversaries that evolve after each fight and move up the ranks as you play, forcing you to develop new strategies to survive.

OtherWorldly Features:

  • Outwit your foes with interrupts, counters and combos in a fast-paced and tactical turn-based timeline battle system
  • Explore hauntingly beautiful landscapes, cities, ruins and starships in your mission to overthrow the Imperium
  • Survive the relentless onslaught of a procedural Adversary system that generates a dynamic hierarchy of unique enemies and bosses that evolve as you play
  • Unlock, trade and upgrade your rebels with tons of weapons, loot and gear to gain the upper hand

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