Towaga: Among Shadows launches is out now on PC

Towaga: Among Shadows launches is out now on PC

Sunnyside Games and Noodlecake Studios are proud to launch Towaga: Among Shadows on PC via Steam today. Towaga: Among Shadows is available to purchase on the platform now for $14.99 USD/£11.39 GBP/€12.49 Euros. Towaga: Among Shadows is already out on Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade with a PlayStation 4 release planned for later this summer.

In Towaga: Among Shadows players take on the role of Chimù who needs to harness the power of light to save his island from the nefarious Metnal the Voidmonger and his Legion of Darkness. This plays out in a unique take on the twin-stick shooter where ground-based combat sees you planted in a fixed position, aiming an endless beam of light to vaporize your opponents. Take to the skies, however, and you’ll have full control over Chimu as you fly between opponents.

Explore an enchanted land with graphics and cinematics inspired by animation great Genndy Tartakovsky, all the while enjoying an immersive soundtrack accompanying your every move in this mystical world where defeat is simply not an option.

As you battle through more than 70 unique stages you’ll unlock new spells, gear, outfits and lore diaries. Gain XP to to deal more damage, increase your magic potency, and expand your HP. Towaga: Among Shadows includes four single-player game modes, including the narrative-based Story Mode, bite-sized Trial challenges, and Endless Mode where you survive as long as you can to attain a high high-score. With over 60 unlockables, 50 Achievements, and online leaderboards, there’s always something to come back to in Towaga: Among Shadows. Will you be the one to vanquish the shadows and return peace to the island?

“Players are going to love the fast-paced arcade action of Towaga: Among Shadows” said Ryan Granville, Producer at Sunnyside Games. “We built this game with infinite replayability in mind, with a huge amount of content all wrapped around an audiovisual package that we think has a timeless quality to it. And that’s not all, we have even more content and features planned for Towaga: Among Shadows. Stay tuned for more on that soon! ”

Key Features:

Immersive 2D graphics

Intense modes made for scoring

Challenging difficulty

Local multiplayer mode

Items, relics and spells to unlock

Various game modes

Mysterious back-story

Original blend between genres

Runs smoothly in 60 FPS

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