EVE Online – Final Chapter of the Year-Long Invasion Expansion

EVE Online – Final Chapter of the Year-Long Invasion Expansion

Today, CCP Games are excited to announce the start of the third and final chapter of the year-long Invasion expansion for EVE Online, the deep and uniquely player-driven spacefaring MMO game. The culmination of the Triglavian story that has thrown New Eden deep into conflict with an unrelenting and mysterious enemy, Invasion Chapter 3 will begin today and be accessible to players of all levels.

As seismic events occur and continue to unfold over the coming weeks and months, EVE players will have important decisions to make as they choose between defending the Empires of New Eden or siding with the mysterious Triglavian Collective. These choices will have a direct impact on how the Invasion story develops, and will have lasting consequences in New Eden, ensuring that life in the cluster will never be the same again. 
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There will be open conflict between EDENCOM forces and the Triglavians across high and low security space, with players inevitably being drawn into engagements with roaming fleets, as well as each other, depending on the side for whom they choose to fight. As a result, players will attain standings for EDENCOM and the Triglavian Collective – will they remain allied to their chosen empires, or will they risk siding with an unknown and dangerous enemy? New Eden will see new structures and defences being created on all sides of the conflict as the situation develops, with the Triglavians establishing infrastructure focused on attack, and the Empires fortifying their star systems against invasion.
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“At the core of EVE Online is a universe where actions have consequences, and this year the consequences of the Invasion storyline will have deep and lasting effects on players. Players will have to make their choice carefully – will they side with the new invaders, or will they resist?” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “Chapter 3 delivers a universe-changing event with a series of activities and player-driven decisions that will span the summer and change the landscape of EVE forever!”

EVE Online is celebrating its 17th birthday in the best way possible, by showing its continuing strength and growth following last year’s Korean localization and the recent relaunch in China,” said CCP Games CEO Hilmar V. Pétursson. “As we are on the cusp of entering the third decade, the dream we share is for EVE to continue growing and hopefully outlive us all.”

EVE players can also look forward to the introduction of additional improvements to the gameplay mechanics of player-built structures in the Forsaken Fortress update, coming on May 26. This update will introduce a new structure state – ‘Abandoned’ – alongside the existing Full Power and Low Power states to formalize the mechanics of structures being deserted. CCP will be sharing further communications on these changes and more via EVE’s social media channels.

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