Survival City-Builder Endzone – A World Apart’s Latest Update Adds Side Missions

Survival City-Builder Endzone – A World Apart’s Latest Update Adds Side Missions

Today, publisher Assemble Entertainment is delighted to share the details of the latest update for their highly popular post-apocalyptic survival city-builder Endzone – A World Apart. Now, along with the game’s core mission modes, players may activate 17 new side missions, each featuring unique goals and rewards to challenge players’ skills as they restore humanity in a fallout-ravaged world. 

These side missions will scale to match the size of the player’s settlements — meaning no one mission will have the same goal or requirements, creating even more diverse and immersive dynamic gameplay. 

The new update also brings with it a comprehensive tutorial that walks new players through a series of over 30 detailed quests. With the ability to unlock vital buildings during the tutorial gameplay, new players will be ready to rebuild civilization with all of the apocalyptic know-how anyone needs to raise humanity to greatness once more!

Additional Update Features Include:

Town Center Upgrade: Players can intercept radio transmissions from rogue settles that may want to join the camp
Selective Expeditions: An intuitive filtering system has been added to the Expedition Window, making it simple to select the most prepared settlers for expeditions

Side Missions 101: Players can easily accept or decline Side Missions when prompted. Additionally, the time for Side Missions is now shown as a simple progress bar and displays how many seasons are available to complete the mission goals.

Endzone: A World Apart follows a group of refugees who, more than a century after a devastating worldwide nuclear terrorist attack, are leaving their underground bunkers and rebuilding society on the surface. After 150 years of dwelling underground in bunkers called “endzones,” the Earth’s surface seems like a breath of fresh air, though that couldn’t be any further from the truth! Master and overcome the brutal environment head-on while spearheading the rise of humanity itself— men, women, and children will need protection from threats of all kinds, and there’s no telling what each new day will bring on the forsaken planet from which they’ve emerged. 

Developed by Gentlymad Studios and published by Assemble Entertainment, Endzone – A World Apart is currently available in Early Access on Steam for $23.99 USD. As an added bonus, Assemble Entertainment has teamed up with charitable organization One Tree Planted to plant a tree in fire-ravaged Australia for each player that purchases the Save the World Edition bundle ($33.99 USD) as part of their ongoing mission to help restore the environment. Not only that, players that buy the Save the World bundle will also receive a copy of the game’s stellar soundtrack!


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