Battle Princess Madelyn Arrives on PlayStation 4 in Europe & Australasia

Battle Princess Madelyn Arrives on PlayStation 4 in Europe & Australasia

Today Causal Bit Games are pleased to announce that the long wait is finally over for PS4 fans in Europe and Australasia! Battle Princess Madelyn will release on the EU and AU|NZ PlayStation Store October 18th.

This release sees the final revision of the game, complete with the highly anticipated ‘King Daddy Mode’, which offers plenty more challenges, but also to the delight of many, the difficulty is ramped up to the max as King Daddy battles through hordes of the undead, with only his trusted Insanity’s Blade. With only the one weapon at your disposal, you are given zero projectiles, aside from Fritzy’s power-ups. Even the most skilful of gamers are going to find this extremely difficult!  Stick with it and you’ll find a surprise at the end for King Daddy! As well as ‘Boss Rush’ in which players select one weapon and face an onslaught of boss encounters

Features –

Detailed hand drawn pixel art brought to life by the magical lighting of the Unity Engine.

Two completely different soundtracks, by Gryzor87, to suit your taste! Classic Arcade FM/PCM to set the hectic pacing, or Modern Orchestrated to set the mood for the scene.

Battle Princess Madelyn has multiple modes of play: Arcade which is fast-paced old school action, Story Mode for the full adventure experience of questing, King Daddy Mode, a challenge for even the most seasoned of players and Boss Rush Mode where players select a weapon of choice and face boss after boss in this ultimate test of skill.

Find all of the collectables hidden throughout the stages for extra rewards and additional hidden stages!

10 levels, each of which includes up to 5 stages – some of which branch!

Masses of upgradable weapons that depend on your armor in Arcade mode or having them upgraded at the blacksmith in Story Mode – with some granting access to super secret areas.

Battle Princess Madelyn, developed and created by Causal Bit Games Inc. & co-published by Hound Picked Games.

You can read PixelPerfectGaming’s review of Battle Princess Madelyn by clicking HERE.

Battle Princess Madelyn Screenshots:

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