Move or Die: PlayStation 4 Launch Patch – Now Live

Move or Die: PlayStation 4 Launch Patch – Now Live

Move or Die, the insanely fast and wickedly addicting party game where game modes change every 30 seconds has launched on PlayStation 4 with a truckload of additional content from the PC version – from entire character drops like the Rick & Morty character pack, social features that include emoji bundles, and every major holiday content update.

The PlayStation 4 version of Move or Die comes packed with three years of zany features but the dev team wanted PS4 gamers to have something extra… a launch patch update with exclusive goodies! HUZZAH!

The launch patch will be automatically downloaded to all players that own Move or Die on PS4 and will debut the following new features:

  • Four New Game Modes
    • Shuriken Parry: Protect yourself from the shuriken-flinging turret and avoid the projectiles or parry them into your opponents.
    • Spider-Bombs: Drop automated spider-bombs that circle the map and its elements… but be aware that your opponents can do the same!
    • Radiation: Avoid the green glow or otherwise die a radioactive death.
    • Paper Planes: Aim your remote-controlled paper plane at your foes and watch them go boom!
  • Three New Mutators
    • What The Golf: Move around by launching yourself in the direction pointed by the oscillating arrow.
    • Astral Projection: You can project your astral form in the direction you are facing and then teleport! 
    • Accelerate: You gradually pick up more and more speed as you move.
  • Six New Characters
    • Malone: Slice of watermelon goodness (Rare)
    • Adam: Dark and mysterious (Uncommon)
    • Barkley: Sad in a puppy costume (Uncommon)
    • Mauly: Cute but note so cuddly claws (Uncommon)
    • Burd: It’s uh.. bird (Common)
    • Trip: Amazing eye-browed amphibian (Common)
  • New Game Announcer: Youtube Star ProZD pours honey in our ears as our newest announcer. Angelic is an understatement, professional is an overstatement.

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“PS4” Launch Trailer:


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