Shortest Trip to Earth – “Welcome to Sector Six”

Shortest Trip to Earth – “Welcome to Sector Six”

Indie video game publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Interactive Fate released today the latest, highly anticipated update for Shortest Trip to Earth

Available through Steam’s Early Access program now for Windows, 0.50 is the biggest update to the award-winning roguelike so far – allowing players to travel into the mysterious Sector Six.

There they will encounter new lore, new events and new opportunities, bolstered by a range of quality of life improvements throughout the game. The crew are now easier to understand and more responsive, and even pets can be given commands – which sometimes they listen to. New enemy ships will be devastated by the refurbished Nuke Runner – and players will save time with their reactors and engines – all now fully automated.

A new video has been released to showcase a glimpse of the update:

Lead Game Designer & Interactive Fate CEO Edvin Aedma commented:
“Shortest Trip is nearing 5 years of development and has an 80% positive user score. It’s pretty much a dream come true for many people, and the coolest thing is we haven’t even revealed all the major features yet. The fact that people are playing it for 50+ hours already tells me we are moving in the right direction!”

Today’s announcement is supported by a new overview video and screenshots from the game.
Shortest Trip to Earth is available in Early Access now on Steam, with a full release now planned for Q2 2019.


Sector Six Update Trailer:

Early Access Launch Trailer:


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