Star Control: Origins – Update 1.2 Now Live

Star Control: Origins – Update 1.2 Now Live

Today, Stardock released a free v1.2 update for its open universe space RPG, Star Control: Origins. The update brings a major accessibility improvement for modding with the inclusion of “Adventure Studio” in the crafting option off the main menu, as well as several other updates to UI interface and gameplay

Players will now be able to access the easy-to-use tools of Adventure Studio in a quick and straightforward way. The v1.2 update improves Adventure Studio accessibility, addresses player feedback about the collecting and selling of resources, adds upgrades and special rewards to the Terran Colonization quests, and more.

Recently, we released a free Multiverse DLC that allows players to upload and download mods directly from Steam Workshop from the game’s main menu. Adding Adventure Studio into the crafting option on our main menu gives players more access to these tools, especially for people who have never modded before.

The version 1.2 update is now available for download. For the full changelog and more details, visit the forums. As always, if you have any questions or need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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“Free Multiverse DLC” Trailer:

“The Living Universe” Trailer


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