Black Command – Coming to iOS & Android Devices

Black Command – Coming to iOS & Android Devices

Fight for profit is this modern day war game.  Run your own private military company (PMC), travel to hotspots around the globe, lead an elite team of mercenaries, organize your troops, then dominate the battlefield!

In addition to the main battle missions, players can  carry out assassinations, hostage rescue, convoy protection missions, and more! As the commander, only you can assess the situation and execute a strategy for success in the heat of battle. The lives of the squad members and the tides of war all depend on their deft command!

To win fierce conflicts, players will need to hire the best mercenaries, acquire new weapons and equipment, and strengthen their PMC. Smart squad organization can expand  potential strategies. Players can break through enemy lines with overwhelming fire power, or use stealth to eliminate only your target. 

Game Features:

  • Upgrade your forces with a deep tech tree of real-world small arms
    • More than 150 weapons 
  • Maneuver your forces from a satellite view tactical map.
    • Gain a strategic edge by guiding you forces into flanking positions, pincer maneuvers and traps
  • Decide when and where your forces fight accross 10 conflict zones 
  • All-new and unique gameplay
  • A diverse range of missions including search and destroy, assassination and combined arms engagements.
  • Missions and mercs regenerate every time, for nearly endless gameplay

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