Dual Universe – Pre-Alpha Gameplay Preview

Dual Universe – Pre-Alpha Gameplay Preview

Today, developer Novaquark is excited to release the latest update for its civilization building MMO, Dual Universe, which focuses on scanning material resources, and mining them in this massive sci-fi universe, together with support for its market system.

For anyone who has ever dreamt of being a space trucker or interstellar miner, this is their update. In addition to adding three new utility-focused tools for players to experiment with, a whole host of features have been added that will help to shape the future economy and infrastructure of this ambitious MMO.

Check out the latest video, hosted by Novaquark founder Jean-Christophe Baillie CEO of Novaquark and Baptiste Agati Game Designer featuring three brand new tools and updates to Dual Universe’s economy.

Keeping in line with the update’s thematic focus on scanning, mining and materials, each of the three new tools introduced in the latest update serve a specific focus in the early stages of any building project:

Hand Scanner tool

A mid-range proximity device used to scan the user’s surroundings and give feedback about the distance to available ore veins. While its range is limited, this is the ideal tool to prospect around a given region during a mining expedition.

Directional tool

A close-range device used to detect and mark ore in a given direction as the user looks around their surroundings. Despite having a more limited range than the hand scanner tool, the detector tool offers players a more accurate way to pinpoint the location of ore, making it the perfect accompaniment to the brand new mining tool.

Mining tool

Combine with the Hand Scanner & Directional tool to dig your way beneath a planet’s surface and extract the precious ore players can use to construct buildings, ships, and much more. Simply aim at an ore deposit with this brand new tool, charge it up, and collect the extracted resources. As players find higher level materials, though, the charging and extraction process will take more time.

In addition to these new tools, Novaquark has also overhauled how land vehicles and containers function, fundamentally changing how players engage with mining. Now, instead of having infinite inventory space it will be bound in volume, and players have to consider what they’re carrying as materials occupy a certain volume. This makes transportation of resources more important than ever.

Not only have Dual Universe’s transport-like hovercraft and land vehicles been given better maneuverability to account for this, but they can now be used to transport heavy loads.Novaquark also introduced the new “primary container” feature, allowing players to make any owned containers usable from a longer range so they can instantly and easily move materials from their inventory to their nearby base or decked out space truck.

This is just the start of what players can expect in the sprint towards Dual Universe’s Alpha launch later this year. With a whole host of exciting updates planned for the coming months, Novaquark is hard at work preparing this massive, single-shard universe, all the while offering pre-Alpha supporters with the ability to directly impact its development as they go hands-on with these early features.

Dual Universe is currently available now in Pre-Alpha. In addition to being the 3rd biggest worldwide video game Kickstarter of 2016, it earned over one million dollars in funding on both Kickstarter and its official website, and boasts a vibrant community of over 10,000 backers and almost 2,000 in-game organization communities. For the latest updates visit the official website.

Official Website: https://www.dualthegame.com

Gameplay Preview: Scanning/Mining

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