Dungeons 3 – Now Available on Steam

Dungeons 3 – Now Available on Steam

Unicorns, valiant knights and other benevolent fantasy creatures beware! Kalypso Media and the Absolute Evil are cackling to themselves in wicked anticipation as gloriously evil dungeon sim sequel Dungeons 3 is out now worldwide on Steam for Windows and Linux.

The North American physical and digital console release will launch on October 17th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Console physical retail versions of Dungeons 3  will arrive as an Extremely Evil Edition, containing a Throne Room DLC, digital soundtrack and special Dungeons 3 ‘Snotweiser’ drinks coaster, while the Steam release includes a Throne Room DLC and digital soundtrack.

Dungeons 3 is available for consoles with both digital and physical versions across EU and export territories today.

The Dungeon Lord has returned once more, and this time has is bringing all of his dark forces together to bring gamers everywhere the biggest and best Dungeons experience yet. With a huge roster of units and rooms to build in your underground lair, co-op support for all game modes, re-worked overworld mechanics and a range of improvements to the multiplayer experience, Dungeons 3 has everything an evil heart could desire as gamers across PC and console platforms begin ‘evilfying’ the sickeningly colourful and fluffy fantasy overworld.

To celebrate the release of Dungeons 3 and the Dungeon Lord’s inevitable victory over the forces of good, the busy Snots at Kalypso Media are pleased to reveal the game’s slap-happy launch trailer, which they hope will encourage gamers everywhere to employ some casual violence towards their minions in their quest for infamy.

And that’s not all – to mark the occasion Kalypso has also confirmed a full livestream on its official Twitch channel, where gamers will be able to see the game played by the developers, ask any questions they have about the game, and let us know which adorable fantasy creature they’d like the team to stomp into oblivion. The fun starts today at 12:00 pm – don’t miss it!

Official Website: http://www.kalypsomedia.com
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/493900/

Classical Beats Trailer:

3 Minutes of Gameplay:


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