Albion Online – Launching July 17th on Steam

Albion Online – Launching July 17th on Steam

With the pre-launch server wipe incoming and July 17th release on our doorsteps, Sandbox Interactive is inviting all current players to send Albion Online’s beta out in a blaze of glory with a weekend chock full of MMO action!

Don’t have an account? No worries! Founder’s Packs are still available and can be picked up all weekend long until July 9th. Not only will you get access to the game before launch, but you’ll also get a slew of in-game goodies only available to Founders and the chance to experience the passion of Albion’s community through this weekend-long event.

Not able to drop in? Tune into the official Albion Online Twitch channel Friday through Sunday, where they will be livestreaming all these events for your entertainment. Follow AlbionTV on Twitch and you’ll never risk missing out on the MMORPG’s official content again!

Friday, July 7th: 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT / 18:00 UTC – Rise of the Guardians

The colossal resources-turned-sentient monstrosities are running amok through the land of Albion; Grab your trusted team, take the Guardians down, and harvest them for high tier resources!

Saturday, July 8th: 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT / 16:00 UTC – Show Me the Money! (Hide and Seek)

Five of the King’s Tax Collectors have absconded with the public’s hard earned tax dollars, hiding in PVP-enabled zones across the land. Hunt them down, protect them from hordes of similar pursuers, and cash in on their wealth – your winnings carry over to Albion’s official launch on July 17th!

Sunday, July 9th: 1 PM PDT / 4 PM EDT / 20:00 UTC – Castle Siege Sunday

A community favorite is back! Hold the castle in the Heart of the Forest or Creag Rudd to score some pocket-padding prizes! Guildmates and alliance-members, strap on your best gear and head on over to the Outlands for the fight of your life! Hold fast to your castle to win an abundance of gold, which carries over past the server reset.

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