PDXCON Hosts Guests from Community Mod Teams

PDXCON Hosts Guests from Community Mod Teams

Paradox Interactive are today proud to announce their cooperation with the mod teams behind the “Kaiserreich” and “MEIOU and Taxes”, for Hearts of Iron IV and Europa Universalis IV respectively.

Attendees to PDXCON 2017 will have a chance to meet with some real veterans of the Grand Strategy modding scene, with both group’s work having been present in some form or another since the very beginning.  Not only will visitors be able to talk to the creators and play-test the mods at dedicated booth space during PDXCON, but there will also be seminars hosted by both teams.

Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester had this to say about modders and how they are valued as an integral part of the Paradox Community: “Replayability has always been a critical factor when deciding which games we release, as such we have fans which have invested thousands of hours into just the base versions of our games alone!  Mod creators through their dedication are then able to create yet even more content for our fans to enjoy, we are very happy that our games can provide a baseline for such creativity!”


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