Daymare: 1998 – New Gameplay Trailer

Daymare: 1998 – New Gameplay Trailer

With a history steeped in ‘old school’ survival horror values, Invader Studios one sole aim is to bring back the horror of the 90’s. Invader Studios shot to prominence with their unofficial remake of Resident Evil 2, named ‘Resident Evil 2: Reborn’. The reception was almost unbelievable and prompted Capcom to create an official remake.

Inspired by the terrifying experiences of true 1990’s survival horror games, Invader Studios believe their own take on modern gameplay mechanics fits perfectly with the old school survival horror atmosphere they love. Mentored and supported by true Capcom Legends from the Golden Period, Invader Studios is proud to present the first official gameplay trailer of Daymare 1998, a third-person survival horror game developed with Unreal Engine 4.

In the late 90s, the normally peaceful citizens of a small community in northwest America descend into sickening violence. With enemy designs by the legendary former Capcom designer, Satoshi Nakai, the physical and mental deformations that take place within the community are set to be both terrifying and shocking.

The team at Invader Studios said “What an incredible few months. After the success of our initial Daymare 1998 announcement, we took the build on the road to Milan and Rome and received so much positive feedback that we were inspired to show our progress to the wider world and release this trailer. We really hope you like it.” The team also added, “We also want to announce that we are going to run a kickstarter campaign in early 2017. The support and the passion of our fans has been overwhelming and will be essential to make the dream of Daymare: 1998 come true, giving life to the nostalgic survival horror experience that everybody is waiting for.”

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