Paragon – “Card Crafting & Loot Crates” Revealed

Paragon – “Card Crafting & Loot Crates” Revealed

Today, Epic Games brings another update to its PC and PlayStation 4 free-to-play MOBA, Paragon, which is now available in open beta.

In addition to general game updates and bug fixes, this free update the long-awaited Card Crafting functionality! Players can now dismantle unwanted cards to create crafting parts they can use to make cards to complete their in-game collection. See the new Card Crafting feature in action here!

Additionally, Epic Game is offering a free Shadow Ops Twinblast skin to any players who completes 10 PvP or Co-op matches between December 13th and December 14th. This new look for Twinblast comes hot on the heels of a massive rework of the Hero that came with last week’s huge, game-changing Monolith update.

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Card Crafting & Loot Crates:

Monolith Update Trailer:

Shadow’s Eve Trailer:

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