Clockwork Empires – Launching on Steam October 26th

Clockwork Empires – Launching on Steam October 26th

Bursting forth from the cocoon of its Early Access moon-spore like a gleaming fungal creature on October 26th is the eldritch steampunk colony-building simulator, Clockwork Empires ($29.99). This personality-driven single-player sandbox colony-building and management game from Gaslamp Games sends players to procedurally generated lands set in a variety of biomes, filled with untapped resources ripe for clear-cutting and strip-mining by eager colonists who will feed smoke-billowing ovens and gleaming brass machinery to sate an insatiable desire for Industry & Progress – which may well be their undoing.

Eager test subjects have spent many months toiling for The Empire as the game underwent Incredible Renovations of Fabulous Extremity™ in Steam Early Access, and now colonial bureaucrats everywhere may seek fame & adventure in Clockwork Empires. Players are transported into a marvelously odd steampunk frontier as a Junior Bureaucrat (Colonial Grade) sent forth by the Clockwork Empire to build a new colony from scratch. Players design buildings and their contents from the ground-up to feed the Ravenous Maw of Industry, manage the uniquely unruly population, and must make Important Decisions when the Occult Investigator shows up for a surprise inspection.

It’s up to you to ensure the success of mighty colonies populated by ambitious overseers, brave soldiers, and oppressed labourers who work and live in workshops, mines, scientific laboratories, lavishly decorated houses, farms, chapels, pubs, and more. But be wary – every colonist is a unique simulated individual with their own personality, motivation, secrets, and peculiar desires which must be satisfied lest they invite Terrible Consequences ranging from occult ritual to delicious cannibalism.

When terrible things go Too Far, eldritch Horrors may be unleashed – leaving colonists in chaos, confusion, and occasionally Oddly Transformed amidst burning wreckage, from which only you can save them (maybe). Do your job well, or let it all crumble into a pile of misery and start over in the next spot over; either way, in true Bureaucratic fashion, you will bring Glory to the Clockwork Empire.

Learn more about Clockwork Empires, or read through the extensive backlog of design reports made during the game’s development at

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